About Us

About Us

Skylight Dev offers custom software solutions and consultancy.


Who we are and what we want

Our team of experts started Global Systems 2001 company in 2000 to develop specialized meteorological modules for data analysis and telecommunication modules to integrate the global data exchange with our partner's systems. In parallel, we have developed our products consisting of climatology systems, reception, analysis and processing of satellite data, and operational data processing systems to create meteorological bulletins in media format, mainly to be run and broadcasted from TV newsrooms. With our partners, we have installed these systems in tens of countries worldwide, mainly in the national meteorological agencies, airports, and military bases. At that time, these systems were on-premise client-server solutions with desktop user interfaces and with only one dedicated web server.

With the evolution of the Internet, desktop solutions became obsolete, and in 2015 we decided to create a new company, Skylight Dev, which has taken over all licenses and copyrights on Global Systems 2001 products. We have started offering consultancy services for companies in this domain, and we have developed modules based on our client's specifications.

The paradigm in this field has changed with the free access to data. Everyone could freely access not only almost any kind of weather data and satellite images but also several online applications for their processing. Observational data, radar echoes, geostationary and polar satellites images, years of archived climatological data, and a huge amount of weather forecast data by various numerical weather prediction models are available in large amounts on different servers all over the world.

Free access to all this information can be a big trap at the same time. Raw data, being incomprehensible to the uninformed public, is very often interpreted by people without competence in this domain and can lead to false conclusions.

On this basis, we decided to start the GoForMet project and address the final consumers directly and help private companies with clear specific needs or individuals create the products that best fit their requirements. Our biggest challenge is translating specialized technical information into a language that everyone can easily understand. We intend to develop smart software that not only presents the information in an intuitive way but also suggests immediate actions to be taken wherever possible so the user can get the maximum benefit from the data.

The GoForMet Project

Ongoing climate change has the impact of making human activities increasingly weather-sensitive. Decision support for the various economic and institutional actors, early warnings for strong or extreme phenomena, and improved forecasts have become priority actions for our end-users. To meet these objectives, Skylight Dev and its partners are developing dedicated products for its end-users to support them in these new challenges.

Our strong points

Nowadays, a huge amount of information about the soil and atmosphere is available, most free. We are talking about weather and soil measurements, climatological data, numerical model forecasts, remote sensing images, and measurements of environmental pollution. Skylight Dev has:

  • the ability to extract only the information needed for each use case
  • the know-how to process the raw information
  • the professionalism necessary to create clear products, in common language, understandable by the non-specialized consumer
  • Our software solutions are custom-made using cutting-edge technologies, designed according to specific customer requirements. The modularity and scalability of the systems allow them to be deployed either on the cloud or on dedicated servers.
  • State-of-the-art support tool for real-time decision making
  • AI-ready operational system assisting human decisions by improving data analysis

25 years of experience in:

  • Numerical Weather Forecasting
  • Real-time weather data assimilation (quality control, homogeneity)
  • Remote sensing data processing and analysis
  • Climatological data processing and long-term forecast adaptation to local micro-climate (downscaling)
  • End-user product creation and integration into the operational forecasting chain
  • Early warning systems`
  • We provide full users management, secured access, and custom credentials integrating third-party specialized services (Auth0)

Our best offer

We provide software modules and fully integrated systems customized to fit our client requirements:

  • Design & build climate, operational and long-term database systems, including long-range forecast and verification tools
  • Design and create end-user dedicated products
  • Interconnect with meteorological data networks
  • Meteorological survey and severe phenomena early warning systems
  • Environment monitoring based on near real-time high-resolution satellite images
  • Weather forecast verification

We provide on-demand as SaaS (Software as a Service):

  • Weather forecast for the points of interest,
  • Climatological analysis and prediction

We are offering consultancy and assistance for our clients in the following domains:

  • Meteorological data collection and analysis
  • Weather forecast adaptation at the local micro-climate
  • Numerical weather modeling
  • Specific operational and climatological databases
  • Remote sensing analysis
  • Design operational software and hardware systems in the fields as mentioned earlier